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Accommodation and Housing
An interest-free loan for bond assistance and two weeks’ rent in advance.
100% rent concession for tenants and occupants of public housing once they reach 100 years of age.
A concessional rate of transfer duty is applied to some types of residential property transfers.
The First Home Owner Grant is available to eligible applicants that are buying or building their first home.
A grant of up to $2,000 to first home buyers for incidental expenses.
Land used by a person with disability as their primary residence and owned by certain related persons may be eligible for a land tax exemption.
Public housing is available to eligible households throughout Western Australia.
Public Housing tenants living in accommodation designated by the Department of Housing to be seniors or disability accommodation are exempt from paying a heating appliance hire fee.
A discount on the repayment of outstanding tenancy debts to the Department of Housing.
A grant of up to $3,000 for stamp duty and settlement fees associated with purchasing a public housing property.
Arts and Culture
The Companion Card is issued to people with a significant and permanent disability who require support from a companion to make use of most venues and participate in activities.
Education, Training and Employment
Financial assistance to support off-the-job training being delivered to eligible apprentices (including trainees, cadets, and interns) who are, or would normally be, required to travel long distances to attend training.
Parents and guardians may be eligible for financial assistance when children are required to board away from home or live in a second home (away from their primary residence), to attend a Western Australian school from Kindergarten to Year 12.
An annual allowance to assist rural and remote parents with boarding costs for secondary students (children) enrolled in a gifted and talented program at a public school and boarding at City Beach Residential College.
An annual allowance to assist parents/carers with children who may need respite. Respite students may board away from home because of physical or intellectual disabilities, health related conditions or learning difficulties.
Parents and guardians may be eligible for financial assistance when children are required to board away from home or live in a second home (away from their primary residence), to attend a Western Australian school from Kindergarten to Year 12.
Provides financial assistance for students who need to travel more than 56 kms to attend a school, a college or a university.
The Department of Communities and WA Police Force have partnered to deliver the Volunteer National Police Certificates program at a discounted rate.
Health and Disability
Entitles holder to use ACROD parking bays including on-street parking, in shopping centres, hospitals, libraries and schools.
A subsidy towards the cost of travel and accommodation for eligible Western Australians in rural and remote areas who need to travel to receive specialist medical services.
The School Dental Service provides free emergency and general dental care for school children aged 5 to 16 years.
The Taxi Users' Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) provides taxi travel at a reduced rate for people who have a severe permanent disability that will always prevent them from using a conventional public transport bus service.
Household Bills and Appliances
The Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) provides financial assistance to Western Australians who are struggling through financial hardship and are unable to pay their utility bills. The purpose of HUGS is to prevent residential customers from being disconnected from essential utility services to ensure basic living needs can be met.
Duty Lawyers appear in the Perth Family Court in family matters, in the Children's Court in Protection cases and in Magistrates Courts in Perth and Joondalup for Violence Restraining Orders.
Duty Lawyer Services are provided in criminal matters across the State in Magistrates Courts and Children's Courts. There can be a small fee for the duty lawyer service or this fee may be waived in cases of financial hardship. No charge is applied to people in custody or for Children’s Court matters.
Advocacy Services assist eligible members of the public who do not have the capacity to represent themselves with certain civil law issues.
Legal advice is a 'one off' service provided in person or via the telephone.
Eligible persons can access Legal Aid WA's Family Dispute Resolution centre for assistance in mediating arrangements for their children and their property without having to go through the Family Court. Both parties must agree to participate in a conference.
In appropriate circumstances, Legal Aid WA can arrange representation, including representation in a court or tribunal, by an in-house or private lawyer on a range of matters for people assessed as being eligible for assistance.
Minor Assistance is provided to members of the public to assist them in handling their own legal issues in the areas of family law and child support. Fees for this service may be waived in cases of financial hardship.
Eligible persons can have their fees waived for birth, change of name, death, and marriage certificates and change of name registration.
Sport and Recreation
Reduced fees for venue bookings for families and community groups.
Discounted accommodation and activity tariffs are available for school groups, not for profit community groups and sporting associations at the Woodman Point, Bickley, Point Walter and Ern Halliday recreation camps.

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