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Fishing Licence - Recreational Concessions

Eligible persons may receive a 50% concession for the following fishing activities: 

  • Rock Lobster
  • Recreational Fishing from Boat
  • Abalone 
  • Net Fishing
  • South-West Freshwater Angling
  • Marron. 

They will receive a plastic licence card which is current for one year and also a current brochure on the latest rules for the fishery they have chosen.​


Name: Department of Fisheries Western Australia
Phone: 9482 7333

How to Apply

  • Apply on-line on the Department of Fisheries website
  • Apply at any Fisheries Department Office throughout the state
  • Present appropriate concession card when applying in person. When applying on-line place the concession number in the correct box.


  1. a person under the age of 16 years
  2. a person receiving:
    1. An age, disability support or widow’s pension or allowance.
    2. A pension under the Coal Industry Superannuation Act 1989;
    3. A pension as a widow of a member of the forces, a service pension or the special rate of pension as a person who is totally and permanently incapacitated
  3. a person who -
    1. is the de facto partner of a person referred to in paragraph (b) ; or
    2. if the person referred to in paragraph (b) has died, was the de facto partner of that person immediately before the death of that person d) a person who holds a Seniors Card.​
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