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Country Age Pension Fuel Card - Travel Assistance in Western Australia

The scheme supports country pensioners that do not have access to metropolitan levels of public transport and often must rely on their own means to travel to access essential services.

The Country Age Pension Fuel Card provides eligible pensioners with up to $575 a year towards the cost of fuel and/or taxi travel from participating providers to offer more support for the transport needs of eligible pensioners living in country areas.


Name: Country Age Pension Fuel Card Scheme
Phone: 1300 666 609

How to Apply

Phone: 1300 666 609


Visit: WA Government website: 

How to apply for a country age pension fuel card


To be eligible for a Country Age Pension Fuel Card, you must be

  • receiving a Centrelink Age Pension, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Service Pension, Social Security Age Pension or Income Support Supplement; and
  • living in an eligible regional location in Western Australia.

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