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Concessions include discounts of up to 50 per cent on standard fares for eligible persons using Transwa services upon presentation of a valid concession card.
An extension of the existing Energy Assistance Payment (EAP) and other electricity concessions to eligible households that receive electricity charges through on-selling arrangements.
People in Regions
Each year one return journey to Perth by air or coach is provided to Pensioner Concession Card holders who have lived north of the 26th parallel continuously for two or more years.
Provides financial assistance for students who need to travel more than 56 kms to attend a school, a college or a university.
Eligible WA Pensioner Concession cardholders receive two single journeys or one return journey per year on Transwa rail or road coach services. Eligible WA DVA Gold Health cardholders receive four single journeys or two return journeys per year on Transwa rail or road coach services.
People with Disability
The Companion Card is issued to people with a significant and permanent disability who require support from a companion to make use of most venues and participate in activities.

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