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Health and Disability
Free or reduced fees for all emergency and urgent ambulance services, and non-urgent ambulance services that are deemed to be medically necessary and which are provided by the St John Ambulance service.
The WA Spectacles Subsidy Scheme offers up to $53.85 subsidy to eligible applicants every two years.
Household Bills and Appliances
This rebate subsidises the cost of operating an Air Conditioner for eligible households in areas of high heat discomfort.
The Dependent Child Rebate provides assistance to help eligible concession card holders with dependent children meet energy consumption costs.
All domestic dogs are required to be registered with the relevant Local Government. Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card can apply for a 50% discount on registration fees.
A rebate on the Emergency Services Levy or a deferment of this charge.
A rebate for residential energy customers holding a valid concession card.
An extension of the existing Energy Assistance Payment (EAP) and other electricity concessions to eligible households that receive electricity charges through on-selling arrangements.
A reduction in the assessable value of land for land tax purposes for an eligible war widow, war widower or veteran's widowed mother.
The State Concession Card is issued to eligible Veterans and War widows who do not hold a Pensioner Concession Card and have a relevant interest in the residential property which they occupy.
A rebate on the Underground Electricity Connection Charge, or a deferment of this charge.
A concession on water supplied by the Water Corporation.
A rebate on Water Corporation Service Charges or a deferment of these charges.
Rebates on annual Busselton Water supply charges and on water consumption up to prescribed limits for eligible pensioners and seniors.
Wills are drafted, signed and witnessed during a 90-minute appointment for a fee of $49. Wills for a couple cost $75 if the Wills are substantially similar. If subsequent work is required, a further discount will apply on the Public Trustee's standard hourly legal rate. Additional incidental charges for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Public Trustee may also be payable.
Eligible WA Pensioner Concession cardholders and holders of a registered Western Australian issued DVA Pensioner Concession receive two single journeys or one return journey per year on Transwa rail or road coach services.
Seniors Card Benefits
All domestic cats are required to be registered with the relevant Local Government. Holders of accepted concession card (or cards) can apply for a 50% discount on registration fees.
Exemption or reduced fees for the renewal or replacement of a driver's licence.
A 50 per cent concession on Recreational Fishing Licence fees.
A rebate, or a deferment on annual rates charged by local government.
Photo Card – Fee exemption or reduction Exemption for holders of a Centrelink Age Pensioner Concession Card or a Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Cards.
Exemption from the payment of a vehicle licence fee or vehicle licence duty on the purchase of a vehicle or a reduction in vehicle licence fees.
A rebate on annual Aqwest water supply charges and on water consumption up to prescribed limits.
A concession on the entry fee into the Perth Mint is available to concession card holders to see a Gold Pouring Performance and to visit the Exhibition Area.
Discounted accommodation is available during the shoulder seasons of May and September for eligible concession card holders.
Travel and Transport
Provides an annual subsidy to eligible pensioners living in the regions to support their transport needs to access government services.
Free Travel is available to certain eligible groups.

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