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Energy Assistance Payment (EAP)

The Energy Assistance payment is credited to Synergy or Horizon Power customers’ electricity bills. If you are not a direct customer of these energy suppliers check your eligibility for the Energy Concession Extension Scheme.

As of 1 July 2015, eligibility for the Energy Assistance Payment is limited to holders of means‑tested Commonwealth concession cards and applicants will need to register with an appropriate concession card as listed below.

The Energy Assistance Payment was previously known as the Cost of Living Assistance (CoLA) payment, but has been renamed to provide a clearer description of the purpose of the concession.


Name: Synergy
Phone: 13 13 53
Name: Horizon Power
Phone: 1800 267 926

How to Apply

If your account is with Synergy, you may apply over the phone by calling 13 13 53. Alternatively, you can apply for eligible concessions online by registering for ’My Account’ on the Synergy website.

If your account is with Horizon Power telephone 1800 267 926 and provide your card details, or download an application form from Horizon Power website.


Holders of a Centrelink Health Care card, Pensioner Concession card, Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold or Pensioner cards.

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