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Apprentice Travel and Accommodation Allowance (TAA)

Financial assistance is provided to contribute towards the travel and accommodation costs of eligible apprentices required to attend off-the job training. An eligible apprentice is entitled to claim the following based on the round trip distance travelled to the closest training provider.
  • Less than 71 kilometers - no assistance
  • Between 71 and 199 kilometres - travel allowance only
  • And - 200 kilometres or more - travel and accommodation allowance.

How to Apply

Complete a Travel and Accommodation Allowance Claim form for Apprentices/Trainees, available for downloading at the Department of Training and Workforce Development website ApprentiCentre - Allowances and Incentives, and submit by mail, email scan or fax. The submission details and addresses can be found on the back of the form.


An apprentice living in Western Australia is eligible to apply for a Travel and Accommodation Allowance when:
  • They have a training status of active, suspended or out of contract on the Department's Training Records System (TRS) at the time of undertaking off-the-job training (including scheduled Capstone Assessment for Electrical Trades)
  • They are enrolled with a training provider for the period they are claiming TAA
  • The Department funds off the job training
    They would have to travel 71 km or more (round trip) from their residential address to attend the closest training venue of all the training providers able to deliver the off-the-job training
  • They are the only apprentice claiming travel allowance if travelling in the same private vehicle to and/or from the training venue with one or more other apprentices (only one apprentice per private vehicle is entitled to claim the travel allowance).
An apprentice is ineligible to claim for this allowance when the off the job training is conducted at their place of employment:
  • They travel 1200 kms or more (round trip) to attend Day Release training (unless it is for Capstone Assessment for Electrical Trades)
  • They are paid a travel and/or accommodation allowance by their employer while attending the off the job training; or their employer incurs the total cost of the travel and/or accommodation.


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