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Local Government Rates Rebate

The pensioners and seniors rebate scheme provides a rebate or deferment of charges to eligible pensioners and seniors. Concessions apply to local government rates and charges, the emergency services levy, underground electricity charges (if applicable) and water service charges. 

Pensioners or seniors who hold an eligible concession card and own and occupy residential property as their ordinary place of residence on 1 July may be entitled to a rebate or to defer the payment of their local government rates. 

Partial concession are available to pensioners and seniors who own and occupy their property at 1 July and become eligible to a concession during that financial year.


Name: Department of Finance, RevenueWA
Phone: 9262 1373; Regional line 1300 368 364

How to Apply

There is a joint application form for the Local Government Rates, Water Corporation Annual Charges, Emergency Services Levy and Underground Electricity Connection Charges rebates. Water Corporation accepts applications over the phone, telephone 1300 659 951, and also provide an online application facility via or contact your Local Council.


To  receive a concession you must: 

    • On 1 July of the financial year, own and occupy the property as your ordinary place of residence
    • Hold one of the following concession cards:
      • Pensioner Concession Card or
      • State Concession Card or
      • WA Seniors Card together with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or
      • WA Seniors Card
    • Pay your local government rates by 30 June of the same financial year the rates charges were raised. 

To own means you must:

    • Be the owner or co-owner of the property registered on the Certificate of Title, or
    • Have a  right to reside at the property under the terms of a Will (a copy of the appropriate documents need to be provided), or
    • Hold a long-term lease in a retirement village, park home park, lifestyle village or caravan park (refer to owner/operator to enquire whether rebate applies).
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