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Duty Lawyer (Criminal) - Fees

Courts dealing with criminal charges will have a lawyer on duty on the day a matter is listed. A Duty Lawyer is able to give advice, apply for bail and seek an adjournment. They can also explain to the court any factors in a person’s favour in relation to sentencing when a plea of guilty is entered. There can be a small fee for the Duty Lawyer service or this fee may be waived in cases of financial hardship. No charge is applied to people in custody or for Children's Court matters.


Name: Legal Aid WA
Phone: 9261 6222 1300 650 579

How to Apply

In most courts, the Duty Lawyer starts seeing people at 9.00 am. Due to time constraints, the Duty Lawyer Service will usually only see clients appearing in court that day and it is on a first come first served basis. Where a fee is required, it should be paid to the Duty Lawyer on the day. A receipt will be given or sent in the mail.


A small fee may apply for a Duty Lawyer Service in Perth and in regional courts in circumstances where clients are able to make a cash payment. Where a fee does apply, it will be $5.00 for concession card holders or $20.00 for people who are working. Fees can be waived in cases of financial hardship and do not apply to children or people in custody.

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