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Education, Training and Employment
When enrolling in an eligible government subsidised VET course, eligible persons pay only 30% of the course fee that would normally apply, except where the course is categorised as a Foundations skills or Equity course.
The Department of Communities and WA Police Force have partnered to deliver the Volunteer National Police Certificates program at a discounted rate.
An annual allowance to assist parents/carers with children who may need respite. Respite students may board away from home because of physical or intellectual disabilities, health related conditions or learning difficulties.
An annual allowance to assist parents with boarding costs if their children (students) are enrolled and boarding at a Western Australian College of Agriculture. The allowance is paid directly to the College and is deducted from the residential boarding fees.
An annual allowance to assist parents in isolated locations who do not have access to a primary or secondary school with boarding costs.
The Secondary Assistance Scheme – ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance is available to parents/guardians with children enrolled in secondary schooling who receive ABSTUDY payments through the Department of Human Services (Centrelink).
People in Regions
Financial assistance to support off-the-job training being delivered to eligible apprentices (including trainees, cadets, and interns) who are, or would normally be, required to travel long distances to attend training.
An annual allowance to assist rural and remote parents with boarding costs for secondary students (children) enrolled in a gifted and talented program at a public school and boarding at City Beach Residential College.
Provides financial assistance for students who need to travel more than 56 kms to attend a school, a college or a university.
The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents/guardians with children enrolled in secondary schooling who hold an eligible concession card. The Secondary Assistance Scheme comprises of an Education Program Allowance which is paid to the school and a Clothing Allowance that is paid to the parent. (If the student is enrolled in a public school, the parent may nominate the clothing allowance be paid to the school).

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