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Recreation Camp fees, Discounted accommodation and activity tariffs are available for school groups, not for profit community groups and sporting associations at the Woodman Point, Bickley, Point Walter and Ern Halliday recreation camps.

Reduced Meter Test Fee - Electricity, Concession cardholders are eligible for a reduced meter test fee if an electricity meter is believed to be providing faulty or inaccurate readings.

Regional Public Transport - Transwa fares, In addition to WA Pensioner Free Travel, Transwa offers a range of concessional fares including discounts of up to 50% on standard fares for eligible persons using Transwa services.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages - fee waiver, Eligible persons can have their fees waived for birth, change of name, death, and marriage certificates and change of name registration.

Rottnest Island - Tours and Transport fees, Concession on the fees for tours and transport offered by the Rottnest Island Authority.

Rottnest Island Authority - Accommodation, Discounted accommodation is available during the shoulder seasons of May and September for eligible concession card holders.

Rottnest Island Authority - Bike Hire Fees, 10% discount off bike hire fees. Concession does not apply to security deposits.

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