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Land tax concession for land owned by a veteran's surviving partner or mother, A reduction in the assessable value of land for land tax purposes for an eligible war widow, war widower or veteran's widowed mother.

Land tax exemption for property used by a related person with disability, Land used by a person with disability as their primary residence and owned by certain related persons may be eligible for a land tax exemption.

Legal Aid WA - Advocacy Service fees, Advocacy Services assist eligible members of the public who do not have the capacity to represent themselves with certain civil law issues.

Legal Aid WA - Legal Advice fees, Legal advice is a 'one off' service provided in person or via the telephone.

Legal Aid WA - Minor Assistance fees, Minor Assistance is provided to members of the public to assist them in handling their own legal issues in the areas of family law and child support. Fees for this service may be waived in cases of financial hardship.

Legal Aid WA - means tested Family Dispute Resolution fees, Eligible persons can access Legal Aid WA's Family Dispute Resolution centre for assistance in mediating arrangements for their children and their property without having to go through the Family Court. Both parties must agree to participate in a conference.

Legal Aid WA - means tested Legal Representation, In appropriate circumstances, Legal Aid WA can arrange representation, including representation in a court or tribunal, by an in-house or private lawyer on a range of matters for people assessed as being eligible for assistance.

Life Support Equipment Energy Subsidy Scheme, This scheme provides a subsidy to compensate financially disadvantaged persons for the electricity costs of operating life support equipment at home.

Local Government Rates Rebate, A rebate, or a deferment on annual rates charged by local government.

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