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ACROD Parking Permits - Australian Disability Parking Scheme, Entitles holder to use ACROD parking bays including on-street parking, in shopping centres, hospitals, libraries and schools.

Account Establishment Fee Rebate - Electricity, This rebate covers the cost of establishing a new residential electricity account for eligible customers.

Air Conditioning Rebate - Electricity, This rebate subsidises the cost of operating an Air Conditioner for eligible households in areas of high heat discomfort.

Ambulance Fees, Free or reduced fees for all emergency and urgent ambulance services, and non-urgent ambulance services that are deemed to be medically necessary and which are provided by the St John Ambulance service.

Apprentice Travel and Accommodation Allowance (TAA), Financial assistance to support off-the-job training being delivered to eligible apprentices (including trainees, cadets, and interns) who are, or would normally be, required to travel long distances to attend training.

Art Gallery of Western Australia - Entry and Major Exhibition fees, The Art Gallery of Western Australia is free of charge except for entry to some major exhibitions. When a Companion Card is presented, the companion will be issued with a second ticket free of charge.

Bell Tower – Entry Fees, Reduced fees for entry to the Bell Tower.

Boarding Away from Home Allowance (for Isolated Children), An annual allowance to assist parents in isolated locations who do not have access to a primary or secondary school with boarding costs.

Boarding Away from Home Allowance - Agricultural College, An annual allowance to assist parents with boarding costs if their children (students) are enrolled and boarding at a Western Australian College of Agriculture. The allowance is paid directly to the College and is deducted from the residential boarding fees.

Boarding Away from Home Allowance - Gifted and Talented Program, An annual allowance to assist rural and remote parents with boarding costs for secondary students (children) enrolled in a gifted and talented program at a public school and boarding at City Beach Residential College.

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