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KidSport financial assistance

Financial assistance for Western Australian children and youth for the payment of community sport and recreation club registration fees.​


Name: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC)
Phone: 9492 9911

How to Apply

Applicants with a valid Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card can now apply online at

Eligible children in Western Australia can receive up to $150 per calendar year to cover the costs of joining any approved KidSport club.

Vouchers can also be used across multiple KidSport clubs, helping more children to get active and connect with community sport.


Children are eligible for KidSport if they are aged 5–18 years and listed on a Health Care or Pensioner Concession card. The child or youth's primary place of residence must be in the local government area for which the application is being made (exceptions may apply).

Families who do not have a concession card but are experiencing significant financial hardship, as a result of an unforeseen situation, may apply for a financial exception through a KidSport Financial Assessor. 

The Department's four KidSport exceptions are:

  1. Sudden loss of employment and subsequent income from the main income earner of the family. This does not include voluntary unemployment or circumstances where a redundancy payment has been received. 
  2. Death or serious illness of a parent/guardian causing significant impact on the household income. 
  3. Fire, flood or other natural disaster causing significant impact on the households financial situation. 
  4. Situations when the child has been placed into care (of the State, foster or extended family) and the relevant concession cards are unavailable.

KidSport Financial Assessors are generally from community or government support agencies and are identified and approved by DLGSC in conjunction with local governments. To find a KidSport Financial Assessor, contact your local government or the DLGSC KidSport team.

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